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How I work

My Philosophy

For many of us work represents our greatest opportunity to grow and develop and to make a meaningful difference.


When we are energised and inspired by our work we have more positive energy to invest in our families, our communities and society as a whole.


I believe we each have a responsibility to create a fulfilling career, so that we become the best we can be at work, at home and in society.


As leaders, we have an even greater responsibility. We have a profound influence over whether the work of others is fulfilling, energising and inspiring.


If we want those we lead to deliver their best then we must provide them with an opportunity to make a meaningful difference, to continually learn and to engage with a purpose bigger than profit alone.

Angela Jones MBA, BSc (Psychology)

Most of us would agree that in our early careers we were largely motivated by increasing our income, having strong, positive working relationships, being recognised for our achievements and progressing our careers.  


It is in the motivational levels above these that things really get interesting.  In our desire for learning and growth and our search for meaning and purpose.  In our desire to make a difference in the world.


This is the stuff of enduring fulfilment.  This is the source of successful, resilient and adaptable individuals and organisations.  This is the space in which I love to work.


I took my first step into leadership in my mid-twenties and quickly discoved a passion for coaching.  Coaching became my way of making a difference, not just in terms of organisational performance but also at a deeper, more personal level.


As those I coached became more aware of who they were, what was important to them and how they added value, they became more resilient and adaptable.  They were more creative, they took more of themselves to work and they had significantly more impact.


Whilst I continue to work with organisations that recognise the need for inspirational leadership, I also enjoy engaging directly with individuals in search of more fulfilling careers.

About me...

Whether a client is seeking support in pro-actively managing their career or becoming a better leader, my initial focus will be on helping them recognise, respect and value who they really are and what's most important to them.


I recognise that each client's needs are different and that whilst a client may initially come to coaching for a specific reason, as their self awareness grows, their needs may change.  For this reason, I don't ask clients to enroll in a specific program but provide bespoke coaching for each client.

Angela Jones with her daughters
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