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What to expect

Career coaching helps you resolve your current work frustrations, gain a clear sense of direction and proactively create a more fulfilling career.


A fulfilling career engages passion and commitment, is energising rather than draining and provides an oppportunity to make a meaningful difference.


Key to this is understanding who you are, the value you uniquely have to offer and the organisational culture that frees you up to be brilliant.


Whilst career coaching can lead to a change of career or a move to a new organisation, it can also help you gain a new perspective regarding the opportunities that your current role and organisation may provide.


The career coaching process is bespoke to meet your individual needs and will be of benefit if you would like to:


  • Be clearer about your purpose and career direction

  • Identify and explore new options to use your skills, passion and knowledge

  • Build stronger, more effective working relationships

  • Be more resilient and adapable

  • Manage upwards more effectively

  • Achieve better work-life balance

  • Become an initiator of change

  • Create and implement a plan to enable you to move to your ideal role

  • Develop a CV and Linked In profile that attract the right sort of opportunities

  • Become more effective at interviews

Coaching provides you with the space, time and challenging yet supportive environment to think deeply and significantly increase your self awareness.


You should expect to reflect on who you are, the value you have to offer and the organisational culture in which you thrive.  Whilst coaching will inspire you to take action and deliver results, it is not solely focused on the achievement of an end goal.  It is also concerned with who you are becoming.


Coaching requires an investment of time and energy not just within the coaching sessions but between sessions also.  Coaching opens up your thinking a conversation outside of a coaching session may have more impact that what's taken place within a session.


There's a cummulative impact from coaching, which is maximised through regulary immersion in the coaching environment, which is why I offer coaching engagements of a minimum of 3 months.  



"From CV preparation, to supporting my transition to self employed consultant from full time employee, to achieving better work-life balance, Angela seamlessly provides the support I need, when I need it."


Senior Finance Professional

Career Coaching

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