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Turning potential redundancy into promotion to HR Director

When given notice of redundancy of her operational role, coaching helped R reconnect with her core values and recognise the direction in which she wanted to take her career, which involved progressing into an HR Director role.

Engaged in supporting her FTSE250 organisation in embedding a new customer-led organisational structure and culture during her notice period, R continued to develop strong relationships with the MD and other Board members and was ready take over the HR Director role when this unexpectedly became available.  R continues to engage in executive coaching with Angela.



Working in the City whilst maintaining worklife balance

R gave up his role in the City when he started a family as he expected to be unable to maintain the work-life balance he wanted when he became a father.

Quickly disillusioned and significantly under-challenged by a role in the charity sector, R effectively utilised his network to enable a move from banking into the insurance sector.  Successfully negotiating a four day working week enabled R to return to an intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding City role, whilst achieving the work-life balance he had previously considered impossible.


Resolving performance & attitudinal issues

As Managing Director and owner of a successful and ambitious IT Support business, A wanted to implement an appraisal system that would motivate and reward his team and engage them in taking the business forward.  

Leadership coaching, including a values workshop for the entire team, helped A to appreciate the values and intrinsic motivation of each of his people.

Angela drafted a bespoke appraisal system to meet the business needs and A has been successful in utilising this to turn around performance and attitudinal issues.  

The team now take a far more proactive approach to their careers and personal development.



Stepping into a leadership role

P returned from maternity leave to find an organisational restructure had led to her role being expanded to include the leadership of a small team.

As a high-performing perfectionist, P was finding it hard to delegate responsibility to others; a skill that would not only be critical to her future success but would also enable her to achieve the worklife balance she now desired as a new mum.

Coaching helped P recognise the benefits of and develop the trusting relationships and skills required to engage and support those she led to deliver high quality performance.  

Her manager acknowledged coaching had enabled to P to take a "massive leap" forward in becoming a leader.



Success Stories...  just a sample to give you a feel for the impact of coaching

From corporate employee independent Bid Consultant

Having enjoyed a highly successful corporate career P took some time out to discover what was really important to her.  

Becoming an independent Bid Consultant enabled P to focus on undertaking work that engaged her passion, allowing her to work with clients who shared her purpose of delivering outstanding proposals in order to win tenders and build enduring partnerships.  

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