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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps you lead and inspire others to deliver their best.  This type of commitment cannot be bought but is given freely by people who truly engage with and enjoy their work.  


Whilst leadership coaching is a deliberately bespoke process to fit the needs of each individual client, it is likely to involve the following:


  • Gaining increased awareness of how your current leadership style impacts others


  • Connecting and aligning with your core values


  • Communicating a clear, compelling purpose, which engages and inspires you as well as your team members


  • Developing authentic relationships with your people, based on mutual trust and respect


  • Helping your team members recognise how they best add value and make a difference


  • Empowering your team to engage in activities that make a meaningful difference  


  • Engaging your team recommending, designing and implementing changes that improve and enhance the product or service they create or provide  


  • Using coaching to effective manage performance issues and attitudinal issues


  • Empathetically supporting people in leaving the organisation where appropriate


Coaching vs Training

Leadership coaching enables managers to become leaders, which involves more than just saying the right things and applying motivational techniques taught in training sessions.


Coaching accelerates the development of emotional intelligence and provides the space and time to develop an authentic, values-driven leadership style, which engages the commitment of others.


The goal of leadership coaching is to enable leaders to develop high-performing, committed, creative and resilient teams.  This is underpinned by reflective learning derived from working on real challenges experienced right now.  

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